pure truth symposium

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Nikola Tesla

The Symposium is the teaching and learning educational component of the gathering, representing a diversity of disciplines through talks, panel discussion, films and workshops.

Our aim is to inspire and illuminate through providing a platform to share knowledge, experience and ideas. All attendees will be invited to pitch a session at the gathering to encourage a truly co-created event. This will be a beautiful example of the School of Life where each person takes responsibility for themselves and our planet through learning and sharing.

Strands of the Symposium will follow key themes around the core mission of collaboratively visioning the New Earth and each day follows the theme of its own element, as detailed below.

Thursday EARTH

Earth-day within the NewEarth Festival essentially represents anchoring within the ground of be-ing. Establishing a balanced relationship between Self and the planetary body as well as between Self and the greater collective body of Humanity. The Earth element invites us to engage conscious exploration and exposition of Economics and Ecology….the way in which we create value and exchange amongst ourselves, and the way in which we navigate the spaces between manipulation and inspiration. The Earth element invites us to review our relationship with the telluric realms of the inner earth and to replace linear notions of agriculture with the quantum expression of permaculture. Bio-resonance and bio-architecture become a sacred language within the exploration of the Earth element…..teaching us to engage with our built-environment in a conscious and heart-centredness way. This is where we stop viewing the external world as ’the other’ and begin to identify it as indelibly connected to ourselves. Thus we actualise within Self and begin to take on a measure of responsibility for the collective as well as for the welfare of our entire plane of existence. It is where the I-AM sparks into be-ing, and where we turn toward ourselves and begin to engage that sacred flame of inner relationship.

Friday WATER

Water-day within the NewEarth Festival represents the ebb and flow of external reality as it moves away-from and back-toward the centre (Self). It represents the Art of Healing and the transmission of Empathy and Grace incarnate. In the same way that the water molecule can be charged with intention, we are reminded that water comprises the entire human body and the body of the planet. It is the element which most keenly defines us as a galactic species. Water is representative of conflict-resolution, peace and the extension of forgiveness. Thereby enabling the transmission of healing and redemption. It is the element which reaches all parts of the temporal world and is the carrier of our blessings and our curses. It is the most precious commodity on earth and the most vital. Within its watchful gaze as an element we are invited to consider the full spectrum of remediation technologies, medicaments, cures and innovations which invite health and wellness amongst humankind. We are invited to consider conscious nutrition as essential to the welfare of mind, body and soul.   

Saturday AIR

Air-day within the NewEarth Festival represents the dynamic transmission of ideas and ideation. It is the carrier of thoughts and innovations, of the seeds of change and of destiny. It encompasses the old and outdated notion of Education, which we now intend to steer into a new paradigmatic shift. The ‘ Air’ element invites us to now consider ‘zero-point-learning’ where we re-boot the source code within our own conscious-standing. Where we admit that we know nothing at all and that informed history and knowledge is profoundly flawed and compromised. In this spirit of humility and philosophical equanimity we begin anew and start to… ‘see the world through the eyes of a child’. We suspend judgement and thus begin to live our true-story as opposed to simply repeating His-story. This is where true learning emerges, from our own observations and within the telling of stories between one another as living men and women of the living soil. Consciousness augmentation and creative expansion become our new metier. There are no barriers and no limitations to the air. Indeed we must, each of us, become as the air if we are to truly transcend the bonds of intellectual, philosophical and religio-cultural hubris.


Fire and Ether-day within the NewEarth Festival have been conjoined in order to create the ultimate flash point for transmission, transmutation and transcendence. The fusion of these elements represents the rubicon, the acme point, the catalyst for true paradigm-shift, true-zero-point, true enlightenment. It is where the terrestrial realm engages with its etheric blueprint, where our most perfectly ideated patterns of perfection are anchored to the Earth plane. It is where the highest and most noble ideals and expression become the generic template for people and planet. Breakthrough technological innovation, the dynamic elevation of consciousness, the transmutation of gross elements into their celestial nature and the realisation of the elixir of life become our unified manifest destiny. Aho.

We are honoured to welcome these distinguished individuals who will be sharing their knowledge with us over the gathering. Many more will be added here as the festival moves closer.


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