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WHSS Day 01 – June 20th

WHSS Day 02 – June 21st

WHSS Day 03 – June 22nd

June 19th – 25th 2019

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On the Island of the Gods

An immersive week long event at the famed NewEarth Haven in Bali

Featuring a line-up of pioneering international speakers and
experts addressing the most critical issues facing people
& planet whilst delivering on radical solutions

Film, Fashion, Music, Dance, Art….and Frontline Activism!

Ecstatic dance, yoga, traditional Balinese dance & ceremony

A historic 2-day seating of the
ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into
 Weaponisation of the Biosphere

World-class cuisine


June 19th – 25th
presents the


a 3-day immersive symposium
June 20th – 22nd
culminating in a 2-day seating of the


Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Weaponisation of the Biosphere
June 23rd – 24th

Sustainability at the NEWEARTH FESTIVAL

We  will have water refilling stations at the festival so please bring your own bottle.

Our vendors will not be using any single use plastic.

Please do your part and separate your trash at the many bins we will have located at the festival.

Music Artists


Crywolf, otherwise known as Justin Taylor Phillips, is a producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles, CA. Constantly challenging the expectation that an artist must fit into one singular genre, he ruthlessly colors outside of the lines, carving his own musical path, leading to a unique and often indefinable sound. A full apocalyptic orchestra one moment, a lullaby whispered in the listener’s ear the next; Phillips’ haunting vocals, abstract lyricism, atmospheric beats, and cinematic instrumentals could be the soundtrack to a lucid dream.

The world of Crywolf is cinematic and surreal, a cacophony that sweeps you off your feet, taking you into the dark abyss one moment and into heavenly rapture the next. Melodies telling of internal wastelands lull the listener into a trance-like state, a fully immersive experience


Amy Secada is a multi-disciplinary visionary artist specializing in neo-ritual audiovisual works and performance art.

Secada combines her skills as a Dancer, Songwriter, Couture Costume Designer, Filmmaker, Vocalist, and Choreographer to produce transcendental art dedicated to spread awareness of environmental issues and Indigenous cultural and social rights. Known for her cinematic tribal bass soundscapes, gravity-defying Capoeira infused dance and otherworldly avant garde costumes, Secada tours internationally performing, teaching and inspiring.

Her work has been presented in over 20 countries, she has danced for Nike Women, Hershey’s, Madonna, Fergie and choreographed for America’s Best Dance Crew. Secada currently lives between Los Angeles and Brazil directing her dance company, Kinetic Junglist Movement and creating art with every breath.


Arteriam is the pulse of life that pumps arts filtered in mandalic expressions. This Live Set has traveled the world finding its way improvising and focusing on the Now. Arteriam has played along many festivals and renowned clubs around the world with his guitar, bass loops and drum machines. His music inspires to drift away with the mind and explore psychedelic states of mind. Cultivated around a magical lake this sound has a lot of Freedom and its diving into the memory of many joyful places.

Arteriam has toured South and Central America and has played some shows in the USA as well as other parts of Europe and India. In Berlin, Arteriam has been welcomed in the most beloved Clubs like Rummelsbucht, KaterBlau, Chalet,Sisyphos and other festivals like Garbicz Festival, Waha Festival, and many more..

Arteriam is based in Berlin and offers a wide variety of performances from DJ Sets, Live Sets and also shows a potential talent in Production.

El Suchi

El Suchi is a live organic electronic tribal ethnic tech-house act with live guitar, charango, flutes and vocals.

El Suchi is a Guatemalan genre bending music producer & performer based in California. Having a mixed genetic background mayan-european) and multi-instrumentalist studied career Suchi began experimenting. with sampling of native north, central and south instruments and mixing them with drum machines, electric instruments and synthesizers. In his studio and live music there is a wide range of colors, moods and organic instrumentation. Ancient tribal dance beats with deep basslines, marimbas, flutes and chants, emotionally driven pulsing to the rhythms of nature.


“Jillian is the designer behind RITUAL, a brand that values sustainability, quality and cutting-edge design, as you can clearly see above. Her pieces feature intricate, puzzle-like patterns and are made from goat leather; her pieces are handmade in Indonesia and the leather is a by product from the community she employs. “I started this line to create eco-friendly fashion that was also edgy,” Jillian tells Teen Vogue. “Things range from simple to couture but everything is made through an ethical and eco-friendly pipeline.” RITUAL counts Sara Sampaio and Paris Hilton as fans.” Teen Vogue

Jillian , the founder of Ritual Fashion is truly a renaissance woman. A musician, model, writer, environmentalist and world traveler she brings all of these influences into her fashion designs.

Jillian was one of the first models to use the internet to get work eschewing the conventional agencies in favor of developing a professional network that quickly made her one of the top models online. Income from modeling helped her launch her music career and as she toured the world, playing small venues to massive shows at Burning Man and EDC, she kept looking for the coolest clothes to wear on stage and off. While a great admirer of many fashion designers. she decided that her style was a bit different from what was readily available and Ritual was born.

Her passion for environmental issues, the ethical treatment workers and the endless search for style proved to be the foundation upon which Ritual was started and has since grown. In its fourth year, this largely self-financed startup has been featured in top magazines and worn by some of the biggest film, TV and music stars as well as being featured in television and film.

Jillian designs and oversees production of her clothes as each is hand made by skilled artisans using ecofriendly materials. Jillian can often be seen at the world’s top music festivals and calls Bali and Los Angeles home.

Walker Barnard

Walker Barnard grew up on an ashram and has blazed a trail of dance floor ecstatic experience in scenes and communities stretching back to early days working with the Dust Brothers in L.A., through late nineties downtown NYC, the wilds and mesas of cosmic coast Santa Fe, creating grammy winning recordings with Native American artists, the clubland trenches of Berlin, and on to co-founding the Air Festival in Bali and creating the Awan stage within it.

In recent years all these paths have merged and come to a culmination through work with plant medicines, ancient wisdom and inner technology embodied in his studio productions, live & dj sets, ceremonial music and the creation of Uma Sai, a vehicle for retreats, festivals and experiences to empower and align us in a relationship of stewardship of the earth, enlightened economics and awakened living.

Creating the world we choose one breath, one heart, one night and one festival at a time.


Amma Sophia is a High Priestess of Sonic Alchemy, Sound and Vibration. The gift of her voice was given to her by direct transmission from the Beloved Sophia. Never having the ability to sing before it was a true miracle when the intonations of the Dove, Shekina Sophia came through her on Cathedral Rock in Sedona AZ. She is a gifted reader of the Akashic Records and specializes in Sonic Rose Alchemy, Soul Essence Readings and Akashic Clearing. Her psychic abilities are astounding. She embraces her shamanic nature integrating the shadow and the light. She is a true alchemist and has a gift for piercing through the veil of illusion. Her passion for dance, sacred breath, music, poetry, and vibrational activation allow her to share as a divine conduit of universal

Her journey of initiation began at age 30 when she followed her spirit to sacred sites around the Earth. With trust of her intuition and faith in the universe, she was lead to Master Teachers, Sacred Sites, Mystics, and Healers around the world, who activated the many gifts she has incorporated into her offerings of love. These experiences in conjunction with the soul activations of Mother Earth, awakened the inner Goddess to reveal Amma Sophia’s soul’s calling. It was through the process of self love and self acceptance she was able to claim the lifetimes of soul memory and stand in the “I AM”presence of her life’s purpose as a Sonic Alchemist. Living in Sacred sites such as Bali, Kauai HI and Sedona AZ, for the last 12 years has been on a journey of daily devotion, study and service. Amma Sophia recognizes you are a Master in your own right. She will hold you in this light of awareness until you can feel it and believe in yourself. Each Master Teacher she encountered was a reflection of this truth with in her. She Shares the lineage of the Codes of Light Transmissions to activate and awaken the hearts and minds of humanity to work in unity to bring peace, love and light to our planet.

Luke Kohen (Aloka)

Luke Kohen is a quickly rising thought leader, musician and speaker with a diverse background and a promising future as an influencer & change agent. He continues to explode constructs of niche markets anchoring a new model of authentic expression, creativity, wisdom and diversity with his offerings.

Born and raised in NYC he has travelled the globe since his 20’s exposing him to cultures beyond his urban upbringing – igniting his passion for spirituality, preserving indigenous wisdom, creating eco-villages & the role of benevolent entrepreneurship in systems change. With over a decade of experience in guiding others, he offers support in multiple arenas empowering individuals, community, collaboration and new systems. Whether leading retreats, facilitating workshops, consulting with movements, whether on stage with music, speaking or poetry; his devotion to empowering others is felt. He is a much needed & refreshing voice for a world in transition.


It should come as no surprise that Roniit originally hails from the majestic mountains of Colorado. Much like the sweeping environment of where she grew up, her music surrounds and cradles you in its soul-searching mystery, ethereal beauty, and epic atmosphere.

As an independent songwriter, visual artist, and vocalist, Roniit digs deep from within for her songs, capturing the hearts and spirits of listeners with her soul-baring lyrics. The “metal head-turned-dark electronica songstress” (Interview, 2015) crafts bewitching, eerie electro-pop with a gothic sensibility, a mood and aesthetic that seeps not only into her sound but into her enchanting visuals as well.

Kailash Kokopelli

Sound Medicine Man, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer of Sacred World Music. Kokopelli developed a unique healing sound transmission through his Native American prayer flute and didgeridoo as well as overtone and spirit chanting.

The cross-cultural bridge-maker and humanitarian artist has been working with indigenous people around the planet since the early 90’s when he introduced the mother of all flutes as one of the first European didgeridoo players to Germany.

Since then Kokopelli has been one of the leading pioneers in exploring the healing effect of sound through countless individual and group sound medicine treatments as well as performing Sound Healing Journeys and ceremonial Medicine Music concerts worldwide.

Besides his Sound Medicine education, treatment and research work Kailash also teaches KACHIMO Healing Chi Movements and sacred SONGDANCES. The sound alchemist is also a passionate cacao and healing food alchemist, herbalist, astrologer, poet and diviner who has the gift to dowse for source of pure waters. His work as a medicine person includes Sweatlodge purification ceremonies, Vision Quests, cleansing and consecration of homes and sacred wedding ceremonies.

Kailash Kokopelli is performing worldwide and has touched many thousand people with healing Sound Medicine and Sacred World Music.

DJ Lo-Qi

Profound sound and deep dance, Dj Lo Qi is recognised as a pioneer in the emerging international culture of conscious clubbing, ecstatic dance and multigenrealism.

Touring dancefloors, clubs and festivals around the world & based in Ubud, Bali,
Lo Qi is celebrated for playing the audience and the energy of the room, not just the music.

His skills have been honed by using deep grooves and electrifying peaks to climax audiences without drugs or alcohol, and his sets are often credited for inducing deep, spiritual sensations on the dance floor.

Lo Qi draws on years of experience creating spaces, events and music where the elite and the underground meet, bridging worlds between party and temple; celebration and ceremony; power and sensuality.

Expect epic.


Madhu is a powerful & dynamic performer. For the past 15 years she has been  apart of a diverse range of performance opportunities across Australia. From Dance, Contemporary, Butoh, Body Mind Centering, Temple Arts and Ritual Theater, Physical Theater, Cabaret, stilt walking and a little circus, there really isn’t anything she can’t do… well almost Madhu’s  strength as a performer lies in her ability to continuously meet fresh ideas in a powerful and unique form.


Shiva is the master of Sacred Cacao-Ceremony in Ubud. He will bring the community to start  journey with a grounding Sacred Cacao-ceremony and connecting to our community which will provide the foundation for our experiences

Ben TempleStep Project

Music Producer, DJ, Sonic Ceremonialist and Sound Healer, Temple Step brings his multicultural ingenious influences and diverse electronic music genres, taking the listener on a dance journey throughout planetary cultures and beyond. Temple Step brings over 25 year’s experience in music production, collaborating with and remixing artists such as Desert Dwellers, Deya Dova, Peruquois, Ganga Giri, Murry Kyle, Wild Marmalade, Raio, Darpan and Fire Mane. When Temple Steps is not touring the planet, he resides in Bali producing music for musicians, wellness industry professionals and is a resident DJ at one of the globes biggest Ecstatic Dance venues in Ubud. Temple Steps sets bring a unique fusion of facilitated DJing, Live Music and Sound Healing.

Kamau Abayomi

During his journey, Kamau has been named ‘Best Poet’ in the Oakland, California poetry slam finals. He is the 2-time winner of the International Ubud Writers & Readers Festival Poetry Slam in Bali, Indonesia. He has been a guest artist at the World Social Forum in Mumbai, India and has conducted poetry and art and activism workshops in Japan, Singapore, Sri Lanka and West Papua. Recently, Kamau has been the featured poet on two chart topping afro-house singles released by 2017’s top Afrohouse label, MoBlack Records.

Present in all of Kamau’s work is a deep love, respect and honor of the unique, mind, body, spirit complexity of being, with the intention to expand awareness and shift perceptions, while simultaneously being grounded. There is a clear and rich esoteric component in his being and expression, his art delves deep into dialogue on multi-dimensionality, spiritual awareness, energy dynamics, nature, connection and soul purpose. Kamau holds the rare ability to demystify the mystical life and mystify the ordinary life, blurring the lines many societies have drawn between them.


Rob Weber (Raio) is a producer, musician and DJ who’s been uplifting the tribe in Bali for a dozen years. An eco-community steward and co-founder of the BaliSpirit Festival, Raio has played a key role in the evolution of the conscious scene on the island. He’s a resident DJ for the legendary ecstatic dances at The Yoga Barn in Ubud, where he also leads sacred cacao ceremonies, kirtans, and sound healing journeys and produces music in a mystic jungle studio. His touring has taken him to influential conscious festivals including appearances at Boom Festival, Being Gathering, Sound & Silence Festival, Obonjan Island Festival, Byron Spirit Festival, Bhakti Yoga Summer Festival, and the jewel in the crown, BaliSpirit Festival.

Sebatierra and The Earth Keepers

Sebatierra is a Chilean musician, multi-instrumentist, composer, producer, founder of several bands in Chile like Koradub, Santobando and Orixango, his    music take us into a journey with some reggae roots flavor combined with uk steppa, dub and a little taste of his African harp, the kora.

Sebatierra has shared the stage with; Skatalites, Easy Star all Stars, Mala Rodriguez, Steel Pulse, Sean Paul, Matisyahu, and played with China Smith & Horsemouth Wallac Inna de Yard Band Jamaica, and with the bands Dafra Kura (Burkina Faso) y Supa Kalulu (Bali), amongst others;

He performed in festivals like Rototom Sunsplash, Percussive Fest ( Holland) and has also performed arround the world in countries such as; India, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Bali and Spain.

Ulaach Tez

Join Mongolian International Nomad and Throat Singer TEZ ULAACH Shamanic healer.

We bring you a Journey through the steppes, plains, the deep earth and the cosmos – clearing karmic debris, strengthening inner connection and bringing deep remembrance and healing.

Travelling across the world, Ulaach follows in the nomadic footsteps of his ancestors, spreading the connection to Tengeri (sky), Earth, nature, spirits and the vibrational nature of the universe. He brings strong connection the original roots of shamanism in Central Asia – and shares it freely.

He has been featured at BaliSpirit Festival and universities and festivals across the globe.


Born and raised in West Java, Indonesia. Since he was a baby, his mother always played for him traditional music right before his bedtime. And that tradition have put a deep love for him in traditional ethnic music. Now he has been answering a call from within to middle eastern and afro African music, especially when it comes to rhythm.


SunDari, «the voice of love”, is an existential Soul Alchemist, Channeler, international multi instrumental Musician, Soundhealer, Visionary Artist & Poet – an inspirational catalyst for the ecstatic presence embodiment. She began her practice very early in life as she was born with natural healing gifts and deep psychic vision.
Her Music is a an alchemical ethno shamanic fusion of deep meditative vibrations and sacred light code channeling, with her voice & sonic frequencies from various instruments including: singing bowls, drums, handpans, guitar, piano, mouth harps, flutes, electronic vibes etc.
Her Performance is a sacred service ceremony, a mysteria. Channeling blissful light codes of the Source of Creation, unconditional love, universal harmony, and deep transformational ancestral Earth wisdom, she gently guides you into an alignment with the preciousness of NOW, state of deep surrender to embracing your unique being within shadows and lights, in clear vision and self love that brings you back to source, to the centered truth of your heart in oneness with the Initial breath of the Multiverse.

Jane Chen

Chen was born in Indonesia and has traveled the world  extensively.

An award winning designer-artist, over 30 yrs of health martial art practice , dancer and choreographer, an intuitive healer, pure scent alchemist, voice activator, certified sound medicine healer, wisdom keeper of sacred and indigenous song.

With ‘Pyreeah’, her galactic name she walks her mission as a messenger.

 * * *

Universe is the resonance

Earth is beholder of the grand stage

Air is the volunteering scent

Blood is the flow of melody

Heart beat is the rhythm and the voice

. . . a never-ending rehearsal

This , is the alchemy of life.

“This body, my body is a conduit, a channel of inspiration and truth through which emotion, yearning and the magic of life is expressed.

This body, my body is a container, a vessel for light and darkness, of hope and pain, of power and vulnerability, to be captured and held.

This body, my body is  a sanctuary, It is a vehicle I use to explore infinity. . Through  e v e r y t h i n g  I offer.

International Speakers & Panelists

Jim Humble

Regarded by millions around the world as a living legend, Jim is regarded as being reponsible for saving countless lives over the past two decades. He is famous for exposing the chlorine dioxide miracle molecule (also known as MMS) and continues to  advocate for human health sovereignty as our civilisational source-code

Edward Griffin

Edward Griffin is the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island; A Second Look at The Federal Reserve and World without Cancer; The Story of Vitamin B17. He is Founder of Freedom Force International and Chairman of The Red Pill Expo

Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree is one of the preeminent voices of the vaccine risk awareness movement around the world. He is the founder of the non-profit, Informed Consent Action Network, and host of a rapidly growing internet talk show The HighWire, boasting over 33 million views to date.

Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone is an artist, activist, film-maker, writer and publisher. He is founder of Humanitad, NewEarth Project & the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. He lives between London and the NewEarth Haven in Bali. He is producer and moderator of the World Health Sovereignty Summit

Russell Simmons

The Godfather of Hip Hop and motivational icon in the emergent planetary yoga & consciousness community.
Russell Wendell Simmons is an American entrepreneur, record executive, writer, and film producer. He is chairman and CEO of Rush Communications, co-founded the hip-hop music label Def Jam Recordings, and created the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and Tantris.

Anand Krishna

Swami Anand Krishna is one of Indonesia’s most beloved spiritual masters and best selling authors. From his famous ashram in Bali he is feted by visitors from scross the globe for his ongoing work in interfaith and intercultural tolerance and fellowship as well as his relentless dispensation of spirtual guidance

Janie Rayne

Janie is highly respected international theatrical producer and photographer. She is also a Trustee of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith is the world’s foremost pioneer and researcher on the subject of GMO’s. He is the author of the best-selling book ‘Seeds of Deception’ – responsible for triggering worldwide condemnation of Monsanto’s systemic poisoning of people and the earth. He is a speaker, author, researcher and reform advocate

Nancy Ash

Rev Dr Nancy Ash, DD, PhD is a modern-day-mystic, author/poet and professor pioneering the new-paradigm since the ’70s. Serving as NewEarth University Chancellor, and as Trustee for the ITNJ, she is focused on Soul-Sovereignty. Her voice is heard worldwide as a passionate new-thought-leader championing peace for all women, men and children on Earth.

Dr. Robert O. Young

Dr. Robert Oldham Young is one of the world’s most accomplished health science innovators and practitioners. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and developed methods and products which routinely treat and cure complex health conditions. Targeted by rogue elements within the US medical establishment he is an ITNJ Judicial Commission Expert Witness

Dr. Jeff Levin

Dr Levin is founder of Life Alignment and internationally renowned healer and world authority in the field of Energy Medicine. Life Alignment is a leader in the burgeoning field of Energy Medicine. Rooted in the disciplines of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology and spiritual development

Maya Muchtar

Ibu Maya Muchtar is a highly respected ayurvedic teacher and practitioner based in Indonesia. She is also an ardent campaigner and advocate for human rights and citizen diplomacy. She lives and practices between Java and Bali

Dr. Sandra R. Michael

Dr. Michael’s research in applied integrative biophysics has earned her global respect for creation of the scalar energy medicine modality the EESystem. She has lectured at the United Nations, MIT, the Harvard Club, and many other conferences, medical schools and ministries of health worldwide. Bio-Scalar EESystem technology has been publicized by media outlets like CNN, Fox News, The Doctors, the WSJ and many more.

Thomas J Brown

Thomas J Brown is a scientific philosopher, lecturer, author and inventor. Director of the Science & Technology faculty of the NewEarth University and resident at the Bali NewEarth Haven. He conducts workshops and ongoing scientific, mathematical and philosophical research in multiple fields

Dr. Sue Grey

Dr Sue Grey is a New Zealand specialist in environmental law, resource allocation and management, public law, conflicts, and RF EMR law.

Sue has led complex litigation and negotiated substantial settlements for many clients.
Sue enjoys working on emerging issues with multidisciplinary teams to achieve robust and practical outcomes.

Laura Uplinger

Laura Uplinger is a pioneering educator in the field of conscious pre-conception and regarded by many is the seminal voice in prenatal and perinatal parenting. For over 30 years she has conducted workshops, keynoted symposiums, conferences and forums across the globe in this critical arena

Dr. Galina Migalko

Dr. Migalko is the world’s leading practitioner in non-invasive, non-radioactive diagnostic treatment and early detection of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic acidosis, circulatory and lymphatic issues, infertility, and other preventable and treatable health challenges

Imani Mamalution

Director of the Red Pill Expo & Red Pill University.

Imani has maximized social media platforms and teaches others how to “humanize technology” by building authentic relationships with potential clients and business partnerships. Imani is currently co-creating a worldwide educational platform that is the vehicle for her to achieve her life long dream: activating millions of people towards global consciousness.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Joseph Michael Mercola is an alternative medicine proponent, osteopathic physician, and Web entrepreneur, who markets a variety of controversial dietary supplements and medical devices through his website, Mercola.com. He wrote the books The No-Grain Diet (with Alison Rose Levy) and The Great Bird Flu Hoax. Mercola criticizes many aspects of standard medical practice, such as vaccination and what he views as overuse of prescription drugs

Chief Sylvestre Gnakale

Chief Gnakale bloodline that has been preserving the spiritual, cultural, and philosophical aspects of our tradition; the sacred knowledge that is being preserved and passed down from generation to generation by my ancestors until the western civilisation arrived on my land. As a traditional Chief, it is my duty, my life mission to restore and protect that culture


Wach’alal is an artful gathering that invites people from around the world who live in abundance to co-create a space for art, education and re-connection to our roots. We want to leave a trace and inspire each other to build the foundation of a sustainable co creative community who thrives in the celebration of life, symbiotic relationships, environmental harmony and love for all living things pursuing accepting the challenges of the current state of Lake Atitlan and activating the proposed solutions to overcome this challenge.

Mike Adams (The Health Ranger)

Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger,” is an outspoken consumer health advocate, award-winning investigative journalist, internet activist and science lab director. He is the founder and editor of NaturalNews.com, the internet’s most-trafficked natural health news website.

The World Health Sovereignty Summit
is an international Call-to-Action!
It invites all people of the world
to step out of indentureship and ignorance
in matters relating to human health and wellness
and begin to challenge systemic evils of rogue agencies
and special interests putting profit before people
Governments will do the bidding of the people
but only when people of the world
reclaim health sovereignty
and make demands
Sign the Universal Health SovereigntyTreaty
and stop over-reaching Government
and Big Pharma crimes


Kailash Kokopeli

Sound Medicine & Sacred World Music Concert / group sound healing journey with Kailash Kokopelli & Friends

Sound Healing concert designed to journey to source within initiating self-healing processes. Soundscapes of the Native American Prayer Flute, Didgeridoo, Medicine Drum, Overtone & Spirit-chants, Singing Bowls and Heartsongs transmit healing sound vibration stimulating the vital force to flow through the energy channels and centers in the body to strengthen health and vitality. Profound healing can be experienced. Includes intro, yoga of song sing-along heartsongs and yoga nitra style deep relaxation and sound meditation to nourish body mind and spirit

KACHIMO Kailash Chi Movements

Since nearly 20 years Kokopelli practices and teaches healing chi movements – a poetic fusion of trans traditional chi gong exercises generating and cultivating chi.

These simple yet powerful movements are keys to self healing and vitality.

Generating and cultivating chi through conscious breathing, visualizations & internal mantras- this meditative dance has a balancing, cleansing and energizing effect.

Dame Rev. Dr Ama Lia Wai-Ching

Ama Lia Wai Ching , 62 earth years, is an intuitive healer from both lineages on the paternal and maternal sides. She is also Associate Producer of Quantum Qi. Her work and service of 30 years is to create value and relevance to human life in our evolutionary path into new earth consciousness. As founder director of EarthHeART Holistic Consultancy, she integrates cutting edge water systems, bio resonance technologies, biodynamics agriculture as well as ancient wisdom in embodied movement and mystical healing arts in her work. She is also founder of Living Healing Arts Vortex (LHAV) for community service for healing trauma. Her philosophy and method of Quantum Qi Gong has been recognized to earn her a knighthood and her doctorate.

Short Film – Quantum Qi Episode 1

What is Quantum Qi? (40 minutes)

Infinity Quantum Qi for Protection (Wei Qi)

With the onslaught of 5G, EMF , environmental toxicity, contaminated and engineered foods, financial stresses, karmic shifts and clearing,  the human energy matrix and immune system is losing its integrity and ability to regenerate. Qi Gong especially an accelerated form which includes the consciousness of epigenetics and quantum science can be a way for ancient techniques to be integrated into a daily practice to build up positive life force and healing, as attested by the phenomena of  healing by tapping into the quantum field ( wu ji ) within. New cutting edge technologies that affect the waters of the body and the nervous system will be demonstrated to show the power of Qi.

El Suchi

1. Wachalal “Cultural festival’s as a tool for ancestral healing, community building and consciousness shifter” Presenter:
This is a presentation that we will be giving together with Santi about the Wachalal Festival in Lake Atitlan guatemala

2. iMAGiNE: A community engine of micro investment for international re-generative and sustainable real state development.A keynote presentation of the land project we currently developing in Northern California, Guatemala and the world.

Rise and Shine Party by Anthony Lowther

A super cool party where smoothies and juices are served at the bar with awesome music and DJs with a guided musical meditation at the end. A social gathering, in the daylight hours!

The drinks at the bar encompass a wide range of organic plant-based smoothies, juices, kombuchas, lattes, teas, healthy shots and some magical surprises as per.

There is also a wide range of organic choice and all plant-based foods including, of course, our specialty acai bowls and cakes…. epic cakes (they have been called life-changing many times!)

We have an array of DJs playing, all established, all told to play whatever they want on any level.

Clean and super awesome vibes on so many levels.

Ultimately, we do this on NewEarth Festival 2019 to have a positive impact on your life.

Adam Roa

Adam is a transformational artist and international speaker committed to showing the world what it looks like to choose love over fear in every moment. Combining years of experience as a personal development coach and over a decade of experience as a filmmaker and performer, he blends the two worlds in a way that encourages others to see life as art.

His “Deep Dive” podcast brings a practical approach to spirituality. He has been featured in Huffington Post, Addicted2Success, Elephant Journal in addition to being listed by Goalcast as one of the “Top 33 Gamechangers to Watch in 2019″. His viral poem, “You Are Who You’ve Been Looking For” has been viewed more than 180 million times and touched the lives of millions.

Mayank Barjatya

Connect with Ancient Bhaktamar Infinity Resonance

Workshop would be based on an extensive research in reintroducing the effects of energy resonance with a Jain panegyric- Bhaktamar stotra- with Sacred Geometry and Cymatics

With the formation of a complete synergized system by adding geometry to the existing effects of sound healing capabilities of Bhaktamar stotras, this research has resurfaced and redefined the performance of its energetics and its attenuate effects; workshop would be for everyone who understands or wills to understand the wonders of sound vibrations (mantra) with geometry (yantra) and infinity (tantra).
Manifestation of this research would be done by demonstrating the process by measurement of bio-energies to gather the quantum information of the body.

A derivation of Jain stotras and Kabbalah sciences combined with myriad facets of energy healing, Bhaktamar Infinity Resonance workshop will bring to you the characterization effects of each verse on the consciousness and the physical realm in the form of the 48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy cards.

Esoteric Architecture

The science of Vedic Vastu Shilpa Shastra as universal building science which  combines the intuitive spiritual principles with harmonic proportions of ayadi Shadvarga as sacred esoteric knowledge used for building magical spaces.

Introduction of Vastu Shilpa Shastra

Meaning and purpose in today’s architecture

Citing example of Indian Megical Spaces

Graphic representation of harmonics of ayadi

How to calculate ayadi proportions for our home main doors.

Each participant would be educated  to check their own home energy movement.

Practice session with crystal energy pendulum to find out your own String Length to connect to personal compatible energy fields.

Petra – Eat Juicy

Be Your Own Guru – Let Go Of Suffering Forever

Learn who you are as a human, how to connect to your divinity within and navigate in this holographic illusion for your greatest power.

Petra is a holistic health detox guru, extraordinary life coach, inspirational speaker, best selling author and divine truth catalyst. She teaches internationally, has books in multiple languages and is featured in magazines & media. She will inspire you to a superhero level lifestyle, remind you of your greatness and up-level your life. She is the resident cleanse & detox expert at Mansion Wellness Ubud and leads weekly health talks, cleanse retreats and provides many other juicy programs online to support your vibrancy.

Arianna Aunon

Living Free In Our Body

Here we come home to our truth, peaceful, light, vibrant & confident in our skin.

By using cellular detoxification, evolutionary nutrition, energy alignment & tuning in to natures rhythms,

We get to eliminate all weight gain, tiredness, brain fog, cravings, anxiety & hormonal imbalances, as we invite in health disease has to go, as does the dark as the sun rises, renewal rebirth, as we shed what no longer serves us liberating our feminine body. A safe and loving journey of empowering us back to who we are at soul level.

This workshop is subtle for all women wanting to heal chronic imbalance,more mild symptoms, or if you want to take your body and life to a whole new level, you’re so welcome, I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Ananda Flow

Ananda Flow – Movement, Breathwork, Meditation

Experience a journey through body awareness, movement, breathwork and meditation into your subconscious mind. Change, release, open, expand and access consciousness in a new and profound way. We create a safe space for group journeying into the unified field with somatic, breathwork and meditative practices.

In Contact Beyond Contact we use all our senses, energy and soul to connect with one another rather than only the physical body contact. Contact starts already in the space in between before the skin to skin contact. The eyes need to come into contact with what they witness; The ears need to come into contact with the vibrations of sounds within and all around us to listen.

During these sessions, you will be guided through a unique journey stimulating your senses to explore and experience profound transformations in your body, mind, emotions and spirit. We will focus the sessions on different senses to stimulate and expand from within. You will experience deep sensations within yourself for creating genuine relationships with the self and others through the unique practice of Dance.

CBC was created after many years of dance practice, research and teaching, and by integrating healing modalities, meditation and spirituality. CBC has taken a unique substance and form that we wish to share to the world to teach and share further.

Come with comfortable clothes, open heart and good spirit.

Eeshi – Ra Hart

Embody & Raise your Vibration with Vocal Activation – Tools for Awakening”

Journey with me & learn easy tools to use daily to birth your New Earth Human!  We will tune in with the sound healing frequencies of the Solfeggio/Zobet found in the codes & sacred geometry of the Earth and the Universe, that speak to those same codes in our brain, body and DNA!  We will use Consciousness in Action with our voices to clear stress, fear, anger & other negative emotions & transform when we feel out of tune, disconnected or experience energetic interference, some of which is due to the impact of technology on our bodies – eg Wifi, cellphones, 5G etc. Then we will complete with a visit to your Future Self to receive guidance and discover your next steps. As we release the past, we transform fear into love, and feel more alive, clear, free, joyful, balanced, grounded, rejuvenated, and on purpose. As we  evolve from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous, we can then embody our full “I AM” presence that is our birthright. Let’s raise our vibration together to co-create the New Earth here and now!

Eeshi-Ra is a sound healing practitioner, international speaker, singer, musician/producer mentor, and ceremonialist.  In 2001, Eeshi-Ra was shown the planetary shift in a dream tuning in with the power of the heart and the sound healing codes of the solfeggio/Zobet.  She began her journey of awakening in 1986, and has over 30 years’ experience as a professional singer, from many musical genres eg jazz, opera, pop, world, trance, ambient and beyond!  In the early 1990’s, following guidance, she moved to Glastonbury, and spontaneously started channeling The Divine Feminine/“The Shekinah”, which brings beautiful heart opening and unity remembrance gifts for us all. Having trained with many of the world’s top experts in sound healing, breathwork, trauma release, bodywork, sexual healing, the voice, ceremonial dance, and combining her Egyptian & Melchizedek priestess lineages, she unifies all this wisdom to empower you to create lasting change & activation at a DNA level. She offers online courses & sessions for earthing, ascension, physical healing, bodywork, women’s well-being and sexual healing for personal and professional use.

Social Impakt

Introduction of Social Impakt’s mission : improving access to clean water in rural Indonesia.

An alternative to plastic bottles / water gallons : affordable water filtration technology for your home.

Introduction of the Nazava water filters, their benefits, how to use and maintain them.

Jeroen has a good knowledge of the Asian markets, has always had an interest in social enterprises, aspired to start his own business and wanted to use his business skills in a more impactful, meaningful way. This is the reason why he founded the Social Enterprise Social ImpaKt in 2014.

The Living Narrative

ACTIVATE: Power, Confidence and Authentic Leadership

 No more playing small. This deeply transformative hypnotic experience will uproot and delete subconscious patterns of self-sabotage and reprogram your mind for deep inner peace, self-love, forgiveness, confidence, joy, wealth and the courage to express your authenticity in all of your power + share your gift with the world.

Sol is a guiding light through some of life’s greatest challenges. Her journey to awakening began at the age of 14 after debilitating anxiety and depression nearly took her life. With over a decade of dedicated training in various healing modalities she combines ancient wisdom and the technology of the human body using Kundalini Yoga and Hypnotherapy. The results of her transformation process is often compared to that of a plant medicine ceremony without the violent purging. She has honed her gift to alter timelines and rapidly transform the mind and body without years of therapy. Facilitating powerful transformational experiences and group activation’s Sol is devoted to rewriting personal and collective narratives.

“If you know what changes a heart, you know what changes our world.”

Deva Dwabha

Her seminars on Healing Shadows are based on direct guidance from her enlightened Master’s guidance for all women to achieve liberation. She is the recipient of the Spiritual Humanitarian Award, 2017 Bhakti Festival, Joshua Tree Ca., Divine Shakti Leadership Award, All India 2018, Rotary International THE ONE Giving the Most Award 2018. She is founder/director of Ramana’s Garden Children’s Home/Schools, Rishikesh, India. She generates most of the funding By Empowering Women around the globe. Dwabha lives in Rishikesh, India and has devoted her life to uplifting and empowering women and children from sexual abuse, forced labor, poverty and illiteracy.

Tarot Reader Extraordinaire

Deva Dwabha will hold a Tarot Space in the New Earth Haven Village market for the Festival.

Deva Dwabha is an international mystic, healer and teacher of spiritual wisdom. Using the ancient tool of Tarot and her workshops for the past 38 years, individually and in groups, she has helped thousands look into this magic mirror of their own souls and use the archetypal images as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and transformation. Her work can be used to deepen our self-awareness and call our attention to inner and outer work that needs to be done in problem solving to help us explore our options, make difficult choices, and find new directions for our lives.

Rayco  Perez

Rayco Garcia is a world-class sport physical therapist who has dived into the use of different technologies and methods to optimize human performance. His vision of optimization of health is founded by his eclectic education in biomedical research, biotechnology, quantum health and medical thermography. He lives and practices in between the Canary Islands and California.

Clinical Infrared Thermography Technology – a holistic contribution of modern science in service for new paradigm health

Clinical Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging system to detect and measure thermal energy emitted by humans. Infrared energy is light but, unlike visible light, in the infrared world everything with a temperature above absolute zero emits heat. Studying thermal patterns emitted by the skin, modern thermography can visually assess the physiology & health of the human body in real time. Physical and emotional information stored in the body can be translated into thermal images and be interpreted. Classical applications of thermography will be discussed, as well as its potential to interpret the effects of new paradigm healing modalities.

Jeff Levin

Dr Levin is founder of Life Alignment and internationally renowned healer and world authority in the field of Energy Medicine. Life Alignment is a leader in the burgeoning field of Energy Medicine. Rooted in the disciplines of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology and spiritual development.

Life Alignment

Life Alignment is a cutting-edge system of energy healing and energy medicine which addresses health and wellbeing; psychological growth; spiritual development; home and environment; business and creative endeavours.

Developed from a synthesis of ancient healing wisdom and modern science, and incorporating revolutionary Vortex technology, it takes a holistic, intuitive, and spiritual approach to transformation.

To be truly healthy, we have to take into account all aspects of our internal environment – body, mind, spirit, life’s purpose, creativity – as well as our relationship to the wider external environment. Thus, Life Alignment offers a comprehensive set of interconnected holistic energy medicine systems:

Life Alignment Healing addresses obstacles to physical and psychological wellbeing, and spiritual growth. Energy healing and emotional processing techniques move us from trauma to self-empowerment, and from illness to vibrant living, through deeper connection to our life purpose. Physical, emotional and spiritual healing are not separated. The person is treated as a whole, and guided through a process of self-healing. The technique works at the root cause level of issues. The root causes lie in the subtle and spiritual levels of consciousness, which are reflected in the energy field. It is for anybody seeking deep healing to unlock their power and potential in all areas of life.

Margret Rueffler

Margret Rueffler PhD is a transpersonal psychologist and acupuncturist, an international facilitator of seminars and workshops. She has published several books, which were translated into different languages.

Heart Self-Intelligence approach to re-connect with the source

We will re-discover how to  access the innermost, deeper, higher vibrational reality available through :
– Befriending the heart
– listening to the inner voice of the heart
– Accepting that which prevents me to connect deep within
– Re- connecting to the source, the cosmic heart and grounding it on a cellular level while embracing the earth offering these vibrations  live through every day actions.

We use meditation, discourse, sharing, theory and movement
You will re-emerge from the workshop with a heightened sense of awareness of your inner voice, your interconnectedness with earth and cosmos, and how to manifest these  in daily life, as well as a deepened sense of loving and honoring yourself and others.

Permaculture Immersion at Jiwa Damai 

Margret will introduce her Permaculture and retreat centre Jiwa Damai – a hands on, socially responsible organic garden and retreat centre.

A unique experience in a tropical paradise, learning about the flora and fauna, sampling the local fruits while being introduced to permaculture principles.

Jules Bright

Sacred Earth talk

We are inextricably linked to our Planet in magical and mysterious ways. Journey back to who we truly are – at our essence, at our core. Our true nature is Nature. We are made up of star stuff, of all the ancient languages and songlines, sacred geometry is our template, alchemy our song – the dreaming calls us to our life mission. Our threads are harmoniously woven with our sacred Earth and therefore her food, energy systems, harmonics and medicine are designed for our pure health, love, vitality and wellbeing. Come on a magical journey, to when we lived as hunter gatherers in perfect unison with life cycles and rhythms – our story is an Earth story – we are one. By plugging back in, together we rise in grace, love and harmony.

Shine starting with Cacao ceremony

It is about opening up our heart space, learning tools to fully come into our empowered state and finding our passion and purpose – then activating that power. Includes a sharing circle and setting up sacred space.

Fumiko Weny Tsuji

A nomad since childhood, fumiko explored different ways of consciousness expansion from different traditions around the world, following the yearning of her spirit. The journey continues to embracing and navigating both the contraction and expansion as a natural flow of life,  to awakening while being deeply grounded in the physical human form for deep healing wisdom and creative insight.

DANCEmandala Movement Meditation

DANCEmandala is a free-form movement meditation for deepening the awareness and rediscovering inner freedom. With gentle guidance and closed eyes we tune into spontaneous authentic expressions of the body wisdom. The meditative awareness reveal our old patterns and blockage in the body mind and spirit, embracing what is Here and Now. Our dance then become the tool and medicine through which we reconnect to our true essence, the creative life force within and the expanded awareness, for us to rediscover our intrinsic beauty, joy, innocence, healing and bliss. Mandala represents “oneness”/ “union”, DANCEmandala open us to deeper levels of the unconscious, dissolve the illusion of separateness. It is a spiritual journey within for meeting ourselves, exploring and expressing our wholeness, a profound journey toward true liberation.

Anna Sohana

Mystical Sonic Journey

My name is Anna Sohana, I am a first generation Mystic Healer.
Everything that we see and feel consists of a huge spectrum of sounds. The pictures that we see every day consist of certain sound compositions created by each of us from our consciousness. The world presents us with the best version of our thoughtforms.

I will guide you through your thoughts to other dimensions of high frequency and vibration with the help of the music of the Crystal Singing Bowls, the Solar Gong and the voices of other galaxies with your permission for the benefit of all living beings.

Let yourself know new worlds, where there is no anxiety, anger, pain or suffer, where everything is perfect in its beauty.
Trust yourself and experience the higher worlds through the mystical journey of sounds.

Baptiste Sejourne

A musical journey that was seeded by the traditional music of Old Europe, and later, profoundly influenced by the music and spirit of North Africa; Baptiste’s music fosters ceremonial experience across many settings including, ecstatic dance, contact improv, and festival live sets. He enjoys the flexibility and depth that electronic music offers. Baptiste recently released his new EP KuraKura under the Label Numa (Germany).

Baptiste has more than 12 years experience in music and music production education. He is now sponsored by Ableton Live and is based in Bali and teaching at the Greenschool.

The Power of Sound

During this workshop we will dive into the world of music production, and how we can transmit emotion ,feeling and healing.

It’s an interactive workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience what is a live set and to play with other people at the same time.

A track contain a huge amount of frequencies, Let’s find a space where they can work together, for that we will have a work station with 5 pushes and Ableton.

Rommy Gelly

Rommy’s intention is to connect with her Divinity and to serve others with love, helping them to experience health, joy and love. She is a certified practitioner of Hatha Yoga, Reiki, Trophology, Meditation, Breathwork and ThetaHealing®.

After establishing a career as an Economist and Marketer in the corporate world, Rommy realized she wanted to pursue something more fulfilling, according to her true purpose. She gave away her belongings in Mexico City and moved to Tulum on a spiritual journey. But soon after, she suffered an accident that left her bedridden and socially isolated for many months. She surrendered to a Higher Energy Force and immersed herself deeply into her spiritual journey and self-knowledge.

Rommy was then initiated as a Healing Facilitator. So far, she has been participating in some holistic festivals all around the world such as: Bali Spirit Festival in Ubud, Moonbow Festival in Tulum and Sound and Silence in Puntarenas (Costa Rica).

ThetaHealing Group Meditation

ThetaHealing®: “One of the most powerful energy-healing techniques. It is a process of meditation that… creates physical, psychological, and spiritual healing using the Theta brain wave. While in a pure Theta state of mind, we are able to connect to the Creator of All That Is through focused prayer.” (Vianna Stibal, Founder)

Breathwork Immersion

Breathwork: It is an extraordinary way to reach the highest states of our consciousness, to release traumas, to oxygenate our body, soothe the nervous system, to reach clarity, to connect with your own Divinity and to detoxify our physical body and emotions, among other benefits.

Simone Schultz

Practicing Prophecy by Creating Sacred Templates at Burning Man – Who Are We in the Time of Prophecy?

If we assume prophecies are real and the knowledge held by Indigenous cultures over generations have value – How do we practice and listen to the potential of these ancient instructions?

Creating 7 generations of peace on earth and a great civilization is prophesized if we are able to understand this spiritual science.

We intend to create a template for the Medicine Wheel prophecy, bringing together representatives of the 4 races that hold the guardianship of the elements. The prophecy only speaks of the potential, so it’s up to us to activate and ensure that a new consciousness is allowed to arise.

Loto Vázquez Simón

Loto is the founder and CEO at ‘The Mindful Social Network’ (www.hawimi.com).

Author of the book, ‘Happiness Is Easy’ and the forthcoming ‘Happiness Gym’.

He is also the creator of the self transformational program ‘Fear Hacking’. Become ‘Unstoppable Like A River.’

He has offered conferences and programs for over a decade, in more than 10 countries in 3 continents.

Fear Hacking

Individuals will learn how to identify their fears and overcome them using practical exercises and breath work. They will identify where and what fears are holding them back in their mission and/or their life.

Ana Steele

Ana is a multi modality health practitioner blending ancient wisdoms with modern technology to enhance cellular function and reset fundamental frequencies for healing on all levels.

Working primarily with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, guided visualisation through body  sensation awareness, pulsed electro magnetic field and multi wave oscillator machines to clear blockages and increase voltage in the human circuitry system. The body heals itself under the right conditions. The practitioner is the guide.

Amplify Your Frequency

Understanding our human being in terms of that ‘the structure will determine the function’; how the water you are made from stores electrical waves (memory), which are conducted through minerals and elements generating magnetic fields.

Investigating traditional circuitry systems, frequency, wavelength, cymatics, the importance of cellular voltage – how and why it changes; and the different machines I use in my clinic for cellular rejuvenation.

Looking into modern world toxin challenges; damaging frequencies such as radio waves (wifi/ 5G); and a reframing of the human vessel as an unlimited resonant structure capable of magnificence in unification with self and others.

Nicole Yau

Nicole Yau is a Conscious Festival Wellness Facilitator, Co-founder of Phoenix Wellness Academy, a certified NLP & integrated health coach, Organisational Change Management Specialist, a passionate Mind-Body Connection Alchemist that combines shamanic energy work with various sound & movement mortalities to create alignment & happiness.

Alchemy of Dance

A playful intuitive movement workshop designed to create trust & freedom for inward connection with self and outer connection with one and other, and as community. It’s an intuitive movement practice that incorporates Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, dance & visualisation. The session will begin with community sharing circle and authentic relating exercises. All exercises in this workshop intend to increase awareness and listening to our inner being, body intelligence and the connection with others. We will use our movement as a platform to listen, observe, explore our mental & behavioural patterns, and hold space for other’s during the entire improvisation & interactive process. This is a co-creation space for us to transmute fear & limitations into trust and connection within contact and interaction with others, in movement & in life. Session will end with shamanic sound journey to integrate change deep into the mind-body system and a closing circle.


Acqua Xena Heart, an International Dj and Founder of Sacred Orgasmic Dance, travels worldwide,

over 100 countries now, guiding and liberating people into their highest ecstatic selves. She is

happy to be in her soul land Bali and offering this prayer dance ceremony ! Don’t miss this

opportunity and come Transcendance with her ! Namaste !

Sacred Orgasmic Dance

A powerful one and half hour Transcendental dance ceremony, where Sacred Sexuality, 5 Elements, Breathwork, Voice Activation, Womb Wisdom meets Indigenous Movement Medicine.

Come heal, release guilt, shame and trauma and transmute all old stagnant energy into full power self love, body confidence, peace and ecstatic BLISS. If you are ready to experience your true erotic innocence and connect to your divinity and joy like never before then this is the ceremony for YOU ( Men & Women) !


Sing from a place of Forgiveness

Awakening your whole energetic body by activating your voice!

Our human Voice is the most profound and precious instrument and source for HEALING. Through the power of voice we express our true selves and with singing we open our hearts. By sounding our ‘Temple within’ we discover and reconnect with our deepest mystery, using song circle we bond and elevate our state of being.

The practice of voice toning can include the release of stress and clearing of energetic and physical block within body , mind and emotion; improve  breath for calming and grounding; gain confidence in expression; increase Joy; enhance the sense of liberation, awakening, rebirthing and empowering.  Singing circle also helps people for transformation to what they have not been able to express through voice.

Come and join the Suwara Yoga circle to  explore your own unique voices, and how ‘it’ FEEL in your bodies. You will tone, chant, weave and express your creativity from your fully embodied voice and allow the sounds to emerge in manifest into a new  sphere; a new  composition and ensamble, even bring home a song of affirmation. Together finding one’s voice and using sound frequencies to create expansion in our human forms.

With Jane Chen, a multitalented artist and certified sound bowls medicine healer, she has walked the various path of  her own healing and transformational journey, inspiring many through her creative expression : The artiatry of her pure ouls blending,  sacred songs and dance, healing music and her daily performances. Through chanting and singing Medicine Mantras and Sacred songs, she experiences tremendous healing and self renewal .

“ Sing in the Spirit of Celebration to honor the earth and humanity”.

Maia Balam Quetzal


You are invited to come together share your REAL feelings, visions, hopes and offerings as men, women and “double spirits” of the global village. In the circle we will share what is our current experience as men, women or “gender fluid”, and what can we do better to hold space and compassion for each other and facilitate the healing process between genders and all our relations on this earth, past, present and future.

SHIVA/SHAKTI VISION COUNCIL is a safe place to be vulnerable, share our emotions, energetically and physically hold each other and be witnessed as an alive, strong, fragile and sensitive human being.

Our container will be a sharing circle where the person sharing is respected with silence and attention from the other members of the circle. Everyone will have a chance to speak in multiple rounds about different subjects brought in by the facilitator.

We will also do some somatic partner exercises to regain trust in ourselves, the other and feel safe, seen and loved.

We will also speak about boundaries, consent and honoring the personal space of the others, at dif life scenarios.

Maia Balam Quetzal is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist, world bridger, DJ, sound weaver, ceremonialist and workshop facilitator whose main passions are: to help women, men and “double spirits” to connect with their higher purpose, reconnect with our primal nature and to teach people how to self/emancipate from limiting belief systems, cults, corporations and society.

Maia is also an eco/indigenous activist and earth guardian, who for more than 10 years has been collaborating with Indigenous ecological causes in Mexico, Canada and Indonesia (for the last year and half).  Building bridges between the Indigenous world and the western world, figuring out ways to merge forces and protect the earth.

“Sing in the Spirit of Celebration to honor the earth and humanity”.

Shamana Tara

Sacred Sound Journey – Awaken harmonic resonance for a dynamic authentic life.

Sound waves can move through even the densest matter. Through sound we can meet and release stored tensions creating space, fluidity, balance and health.

The sound of the Didgeridoo (yidaki) has a deep harmonic resonance connecting us to the earth, our physical bodies and the ancient ones. The crystal bowls and voice carry higher vibrational frequencies connecting us to higher aspects of ourselves.

Through this guided 90 minute exploration of sound light and movement we journey deep within to refine our harmonic resonant field and release what separates us from our true authentic self.

WhaleDreamers Yoga : Awaken your whale/dolphin – strength, fluidity and fun.

WhaleDreamers yoga is a culture, a way of walking in harmony with nature. It is the yoga of health and balance with all creation. With the waters within us, the waters around us and the song of the whales, our oldest ancestors who hold us lovingly in their hearts and song. Based in kundalini tantra a dynamic and fluid yoga style, utilising many animal asanas in particular dolphin and whale poses ShamanaTara and Arpana will guide you deep into your activated self. A combination of mantra, asana, pranayama, fun and a long, deep live sound sivasana will leave you feeling enlivened and relaxed.

Eugene Butcher


An introduction to the art of partner motion poetry

“Let the beauty we love be what we do” – Rumi

This foundational workshop will begin exploring the creative/ artistic potential of AcroYoga.

Eugene Butcher is co founder of acroyogadance.  He was fascinated by the artistic potential of AcroYoga from the beginning, summed up by one of his favourite quotes..  “Let the beauty we love be what we do” – Rumi

Eugene’s training in martial arts and yoga caused him to question the usual acroyoga approach of constantly swapping practice partners, instead he choose  to develop a deeper connection by practicing with one dedicated partner.

One year later DoYouYoga.com featured an acroyogadance video saying:

“UK-based yoga teacher Eugene Butcher and ballerina Pip Elysium perform a dance and AcroYoga sequence choreographed and executed with devastating elegance and grace. Watching this video makes you realise that, more than ever, AcroYoga is a means of creativity, of self-expression, and an art form it itself: a celebration of what a union of two human bodies, minds, and spirits in moving meditation can achieve.”

Aum Rudraksha Designs

Creating your own Mala, you design your intention, you generate the energy you need to grow. It is an amazing experience and discovery to know more about the benefits of Rudraksha beads and Gemstones. You create the opportunity to pause, breathe and realign with our deepest intentions. You invest in moments of

self-care and compassion.

Once you designed the Mala that is drawn to you, it is now time to make it truly yours, making sure the beads are connected to your energy and intention. It is all about the energy end the strength you put into your intention. Something is sacred because you believe it is. Creating your own sacral object, we invite you to experience the magic of your own truth and the taste of Bali in its deepest side



Seeing with Evolutionary Eyes – 30-45 minutes
Holographic Time and the Future of our Species
Concepts and practices to hack our consciousness into Spherical Awareness beyond linear orientation.
We will also do a Meditation on being a lens or eye for God to look through and experience itself, as well as move into our own Master Presence

The Genesis Project – 30-45 minutes
Your codes and unique essence are valuable to the information loop of the Human Codex, the potential and unique sovereign stream that each human has been gifted with to experience, not just for your own self, but for the evolutionary engine of God itself


Journey with me & learn easy tools to use daily to birth your New Earth Human!  We will tune in with the sound healing frequencies of the Solfeggio/Zobet found in the codes & sacred geometry of the Earth and the Universe, that speak to those same codes in our brain, body and DNA!  We will use Consciousness in Action with our voices to clear stress, fear, anger & other negative emotions & transform when we feel out of tune, disconnected or experience energetic interference, some of which is due to the impact of technology on our bodies – eg Wifi, cellphones, 5G etc. Then we will complete with a visit to your Future Self to receive guidance and discover your next steps. As we release the past, we transform fear into love, and feel more alive, clear, free, joyful, balanced, grounded, rejuvenated, and on purpose. As we  evolve from Homo Sapiens to Homo Luminous, we can then embody our full “I AM” presence that is our birthright. Let’s raise our vibration together to co-create the New Earth here and now!


Eeshi-Ra is a sound healing practitioner, international speaker, singer, musician/producer mentor, and ceremonialist.  In 2001, Eeshi-Ra was shown the planetary shift in a dream tuning in with the power of the heart and the sound healing codes of the solfeggio/Zobet.  She began her journey of awakening in 1986, and has over 30 years’ experience as a professional singer, from many musical genres eg jazz, opera, pop, world, trance, ambient and beyond!  In the early 1990’s, following guidance, she moved to Glastonbury, and spontaneously started channeling The Divine Feminine/“The Shekinah”, which brings beautiful heart opening and unity remembrance gifts for us all. Having trained with many of the world’s top experts in sound healing, breathwork, trauma release, bodywork, sexual healing, the voice, ceremonial dance, and combining her Egyptian & Melchizedek priestess lineages, she unifies all this wisdom to empower you to create lasting change & activation at a DNA level. She offers online courses & sessions for earthing, ascension, physical healing, bodywork, women’s well-being and sexual healing for personal and professional use.

Judicial Commission Board

​Sir John Walsh

​ITNJ Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannagh is a human rights advocate and constitutional lawyer of international standing. He is founding Chief Justice to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice and presides over the Court and its Judicial Commissions

​Chris Cleverly

​Dr Cleverly is a barrister and leading advocate for human-rights, social justice and law reform. He is Associate Justice to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. He travels extensively lecturing and promoting African issues on the international stage

Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone is an artist, activist, film-maker, writer and publisher. He is founder of Humanitad, NewEarth Project & the founder and trustee emeritus​ International Tribunal for Natural Justice. He is producer and moderator of the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Weaponisation of the Biosphere.

Bishop Riah

​His Grace Bishop Riah Abu El Assal is the former Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem and an internationally renowned advocate for human rights and interfaith fellowship. He is a Commissioner for Truth & Reconciliation with the International Tribunal for Natural Justice

Hosted by Humanitad at NewEarth Haven in Bali
Ancient Futures – NewEarth Festival 2017 – Recap Movie


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