Bonded by the awareness that there is something mutant in the civilizational model that we’ve been inhabiting, the global NewEarth family has been incubating numerous projects that have grown beautifully over the years. Our second NewEarth Festival is seed event for visionary creatives, change makers, and thought leaders who are bridge-builders between communities across the world. It is for those who inspire others and are making a positive impact in their daily lives and creating real change.

The NewEarth Festival is a call to action to facilitate change whilst celebrating art, beauty, and consciousness in action. It is for shifting perspectives, values and priorities in a world of infinite possibility where we are all manifest creators. Set amidst music, workshops and a fashion show, we will be hosting the first World Health Sovereignty Summit for 3 days of TRUTH, DISCLOSURE, AND RADICAL SOLUTIONEERING. Topics being explored are vaccines, GMO’s, Geo-engineering, 5G, Synthetic Medicine, Immortality, Water Science, and Health Innovations. Click here to see our list of world-renowned speakers.

our venue

Situated in the rice fields just outside Ubud in Bali, Indonesia, NewEarth Haven is an unfolding social experiment and social ecology blueprint for the NewEarth metric and vision which has been seeding around the world since 2012. Promulgating bio resonant patterns of perfection and a whole systems approach of living that is freeing human expression, we invite you to step away from time, money and fear into art, beauty and consciousness.


Bio-architected Domes
Villa Akasha
Organic Restaurant & Juice, Tonic & Elixir Bar
Sunset Shisha Lounge
Bio Pool & Rain Shower
Special Events & Retreats

Phone: +62 81338885397


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