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Thank you for contributing to the NewEarth Festival and co-creating with us the online experience. Your purchase will directly contribute towards better cameras, more resources, and  better streaming experience and final recorded product.

  • Please share far and wide – and we will reward you and your friends
    • 10% discount to each of your friends
    • 10% reward to you – refer 10 people and your ticket is free
    • Click “Refer a friend” below and start sharing your unique link to refer friends and family
  • You can also contribute with your questions – Be one of the first 100 people and  share in the rewards
  • Live access to the streaming of the Symposium events (dependent on volunteer and internet availability)
  • When streaming is not available, access to recordings after the event
  • Purchase now for only $44 and be one of the first 100 with special rewards

The more we join the more we will stream



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