Contribute to the live stream and share in the rewards

Contribute US$44 towards the online streaming production now and receive gifts from NewEarth worth at hundreds of dollars.

The first 100 submissions and top 10 selected questions will get the following rewards, as a thank you for the NewEarth Project and the NewEarth Festival team:

Your rewards

  1.  The first 100 submissions that purchase any ticket will be awarded with a personal answer from festival speakers and other new earth wisdom keepers during the festival and live stream, where your questions will be answered.For those who cannot make the festival or live stream but still want to participate, a special group stream will be available after the festival. ($25 value)
  2. The top 10 submissions will awarded with a 15 minute dialogue with the festival speakers and other New Earth wisdom keepers during the festival and live stream where your questions will be answered. ($50 value)

Wisdom keepers offering consultations include:

Tom Brown, Wisdom Keeper

Dr. Nancy Ashe, worldwide director of the NewEarth University (NEU)

(More forthcoming)

Get all the tools and resources to manifest and truly sovereign existence by joining The Sovereign Way Academy with one of the New Earth Founders, Greg Paul. 

You will get the entire first module of the course for free for the top 100 submissions. ($50 value)

You will also get a live 2 hour Sovereignty Q & A gathering with Greg if you provide one of the best 10 questions ($50 value)

Be the first to experience a night on the newearth eco cocoon village.

The top 100 submissions will receive a night’s stay in our eco bio architected cocoon for free (US$40 value).*

*in 2018

Top 10 submissions receive a 15-minute consultation with Marketing & Sales director Hylton Parker.

Hylton has designed the investment opportunity and works alongside the design team to co create living and investment opportunities that herald the newearth.

Hylton Parker has 24 years experience  in the planning, design and rollout of developments.

Note that the cocoons are in development and will be ready in 6 months, and your reward will be valid thereafter in perpetuity.

The first 100 submissions receive 50% off (up to $200) cuisine at the newearth festival ancient futures festival for your rewards feast ($100 value)

Also receive a 15-minute consultation with one of the New Earth food and health experts expert if you are in the top 10.

First 100 submissions will receive a 50% coupon code for a revolutionary detox / chelation product, Vitality Detox Drops, for an order of up to 5 bottles. More information in this Heal YourSelf  NewEarth TV chapter ($175 value).

The 10 top submission will get an addition 10% discount (60% coupon code)

Help us spread the word, invite your friends and family to the free live stream.

If they decide to contribute, you get a 10% credit and they get a 10% discount too

Find your sharing link at the live stream contribution page, under “Refer friends and family” or below.

Watch some short videos below from Greg Paul to help inspire your questions

Ask the experts

We are now offering a basket of awesome free NewEarth content worth up to $290 to first 100 who donates $44 or more.
  • Submit your question to the expert above to be eligible as one of the top 10 questions and related rewards
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