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immortality – spirit over the water – health science innovation

Hosted by Humanitad at NewEarth Haven in Bali
The Venue – NewEarth Haven Bali


June 19th – 25th
presents the


a 3-day immersive symposium
June 20th – 22nd
culminating in a 2-day seating of the


Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Weaponisation of the Biosphere
June 23rd – 24th
The World Health Sovereignty Summit
is an international Call-to-Action!
It invites all people of the world
to step out of indentureship and ignorance
in matters relating to human health and wellness
and begin to challenge systemic evils of rogue agencies
and special interests putting profit before people
Governments will do the bidding of the people
but only when people of the world
reclaim health sovereignty
and make demands
Sign the Universal Health SovereigntyTreaty
and stop over-reaching Government
and Big Pharma crimes

International Speakers & Panelists

Jeffrey Smith

Jeffrey Smith is the world’s foremost pioneer and researcher on the subject of GMO’s. He is the author of the best-selling book ‘Seeds of Deception’ – responsible for triggering worldwide condemnation of Monsanto’s systemic poisoning of people and the earth. He is a speaker, author, researcher and reform advocate

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is the founder of Natural News. He is a world renowned and respected advocate for natural living, health sovereignty and truth and disclosure. His formiddable presence in alternative media has positioned him as the world’s leading voice in challenging the status quo as it relates to institutional warfare against humankind

Margot Anand

Author of the Art of Sexual Ecstacy, Margot Anand is regarded by generations of disciples as a seminal pioneer of Western tantra.
She founded the school of Sky Dancing and continues to travel the globe speaking and teaching, promoting the elevation of human and planetary consciousness and awareness

Del Bigtree

Del is the preeminent voice of the vaccine risk awareness movement around the world. Founder of the Informed Consent Action
Network, and host of The HighWire talkshow, he incorporates legal, legislative, and media actions to expose the fraud, lies, and conflicts of interest that allow ‘big Pharma’ to evade assured vaccine safety

Dr. Glen Rein

Dr. Rein is a pioneering biomedical researcher with a Harvard and Stanford Medical School pedigree. He has studied neuroscience, immunology, psychoneuroimmunology and bioelectromagnetics. He works with renowned pioneer of structurised water Lee Lorenzen who was responsible for mentoring the famous Masaru Emoto

Jim Humble

Regarded by millions around the world as a living legend, Jim is regarded as being reponsible for saving countless lives over the
past two decades. He is famous for exposing the chlorine dioxide miracle molecule (also known as MMS) and continues to  advocate for human health sovereignty as our civilisational source-code

Dr Marco Ruggiero

Marco is a world renowned MD., PhD. and inventor of Immortalis Klotho Formula, expected to become recognised as one of the
greatest innovations in health-science history. He held the Chair of Molecular Biology in Florence, Italy, for 22 yea. Now domiciled in the USA with his wife & research partner Dr Stefania Pacini MD, PhD. Ruggiero’s work stands at the vanguard of quantum biology

Dr. Jere Rivera

Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D. specializes in advanced scalar-plasma energy technologies, quantum morphogenetic physics and the larger paradigm of science known as the 15-Dimensional Unified Field Physics. He is a world leader in the vanguard arena of quantum biological science and integrative medicine

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Mercola is one of the most iconic doctors in the United States, well known from countless television appearances. He promotes self control over our health and…

Dr D. Klinghardt

Dr Klinghardt is a german doctor with international reputation. He is a renowned expert in Kinesiology and the founder of the Institute for Neurobiolgy in Glottertal, Germany.

Erin Elizabeth

Erin Elizabeth founded Health Nut News and has been bringing health and nutrition truths to the masses who turn to her for unvarnished health information…

Dr. Jennifer Daniels

Dr Daniels is a famous survivor of medical warfare having been targeted by drug companies in the US for refusing to prescribe
slow-death to her patients. He life is now dedicated to exposing and investigating the crimes of a rogue ‘health care’ system

Laura Uplinger

Laura Uplinger is a pioneering educator in the field of conscious pre-conception and regarded by many is the seminal voice in prenatal and perinatal parenting. For over 30 years she has conducted workshops, keynoted symposiums, conferences and forums across the globe in this critical arena

Sacha Stone

Sacha Stone is an artist, activist, film-maker, writer and publisher. He is founder of Humanitad, NewEarth Project & the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. He lives between London and the NewEarth Haven in Bali. He is producer and moderator of the World Health Sovereignty Summit

Dr Julia Spivack

Dr Julia Spivack is a vociferous activist for medical-health reform. She has proved that the true purpose of Government regulation of the healthcare professions is to protect the interests of global corporations on whom the Government depends for its existence. She is recognised as an outspoken reform activist

Swami Anand Krishna

Swami Anand Krishna is one of Indonesia’s most beloved spiritual masters and best selling authors. From his famous ashram in Bali he is feted by visitors from scross the globe for his ongoing work in interfaith and intercultural tolerance and fellowship as well as his relentless dispensation of spirtual guidance

Dr. Jeff Levin

Dr Levin is founder of Life Alignment and internationally renowned healer and world authority in the field of Energy Medicine. Life Alignment is a leader in the burgeoning field of Energy Medicine. Rooted in the disciplines of quantum physics, neuroscience, biology and spiritual development

Maya Muchtar

Ibu Maya Muchtar is a highly respected ayurvedic teacher and practitioner based in Indonesia. She is also an ardent campaigner and advocate for human rights and citizen diplomacy. She lives and practices between Java and Bali

Dr. Errol Denton

Errol Denton is a Harley Street doctor and blood analysis spcialist who has been targeted and professionally molested by elements within the British medical establishment for his pioneering and highly effective methods of treating cancers and other serious illnesses. He is an ITNJ Expert Witness

Robert O. Young

Robert Oldham Young is one of the world’s most accomplished health science innovators and practitioners. He has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show and developed methods and products which routinely treat and cure complex health conditions. Targeted by rogue elements within the US medical establishment he is an ITNJ Judicial Commission Expert Witness

Dr. Galina Migalko

Dr. Migalko is the world’s leading practitioner in non-invasive, non-radioactive diagnostic treatment and early detection of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic acidosis, circulatory and lymphatic issues, infertility, and other preventable and treatable health challenges

Thomas J Brown

Thomas J Brown is an astrophycicist, inventor, lecturer, author and sciencist. Director of the Science & Technology faculty of the NewEarth University and resident at the Bali NewEarth Haven he conducts workshops and ongoing scientific, mathematical and philosophical research in multiple fields

Wade Lightheart

Wade is a three-time All Natural National Bodybuilding Champion Advisor to the American Anti-Cancer Institute and Founder of the Prosperity & Health Alliance. He is also the author of several books including the best-selling books ‘Staying Alive in a Toxic World’ and ‘The Wealthy Backpacker’


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