The home of the NewEarth festival – the NewEarth Haven, just outside of Ubud in Bali, is a truly unique and special space. NewEarth Havens are retreat-like developments across the world, back dropped against the beauty of idyllic natural en­virons, which serve as stepping- stones toward the creation of NewEarth Communities. Every Haven possesses a strong emphasis on aesthetic beauty, cultural infusion, well-being, playful exploration of conscious commerce, and the conscious engendering of creative-community spirit.

The Haven comprises of Villa Akasha, Akasha Restaurant and a number of smaller eco-domes used for accommodation. Below we explore the philosophy behind the structures at the Haven that we will inhabit over the festival and the permaculture garden, which will be feeding us.


The NewEarth Design and Development Faculty, based in Bali, was set up to explore the conscious application of the science of sacred space – allowing us to re-define the ways in which we create and relate to the environments we inhabit. The man-made spaces indicative of modern human society do not serve us and actually contribute significantly to our dis-ease.

We are slowly beginning to see that it is only through the sensitive integration of built environments with their natural surroundings that a more balanced and harmonious existence can be realized. When a structure is designed from an understanding and realization of the intrinsic energetic aspect that exists throughout all nature, we will naturally re-enter into a symbiotic relationship with the environment. This is the essence of Bio-Architecture, the discipline from which all structures at the Haven have been visualised and realised.

This system mimics the way in which a trees will dig its roots into the earth, while reaching it’s branches up into the sky. This extension demonstrates the perfect distribution of energy to maximize the space and the ideal exposure to light, also called phyllotaxy. We utilize this natural principle to configure the distribution of our structures.

The honouring of natural order throughout our conscious design philosophy during the creative process has produced enhanced structures and developments aligned to the sacred design of life systems. Bio- Architecture encourages and supports the physical form to return to its natural, vibrant state.


Our permaculture garden, built and run by Sky, is a short drive from the NewEarth Haven. With a strong, unwavering belief in sustainable farming we practice permaculture, growing our produce locally while reducing the amount of water needed to raise abundant crops. Using geometric patterns – patterns which can be seen throughout the entire NewEarth Haven design – we apply efficient positioning and distribution of plants for the most sustainable growing environment.

Through our thriving permaculture approach we are able to increase the yield and nutritional value of all the produce we harvest.


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