Weaving Circle

René Bahloo is a qualified installation artist, facilitator and project coordinator, with a special interest in the practice and philosophy of basket weaving, using natural plant fibres. She shares her knowledge through weaving circles and facilitates unique grassroots journeys to remote Indigenous Australian and African communities. These journeys bring a deep connection to land, culture, healing and traditional weavers while facilitating transformational personal growth.

René also collaborates with Indigenous weaving elders to create large scale pieces and experiences of intercultural connection through weaving. She has presented at a number of conferences and been involved as a lead artist in Floating Land Environmental Art event in Noosa, Australia, and has made sculptural works for festivals and competitions. Rene’s passions stem from her experience of Australian Indigenous culture, leading to doctoral studies based on Indigenous culture, women’s business, creativity and weaving journeys to wisdom. Her goal is for us all to weave our world into a better place, to weave ourselves in healing and wellbeing, to weave our environment with passion and purpose.

Come and share a special experience with artist and women’s circle facilitator René Bahloo of Weavery, as she shows you how to weave a beautiful basketling from natural fibres. René will guide you to master the technique of coil weaving (using lazy squaw stitch), as you transform your strands of fibre into a connected whole. René shares her weaving philosophy through the active meditation of basketry, and in this special grounding and nurturing creation circle, she encourages the wisdom of the universe to emerge with each stitch. Walk away feeling rejuvenated and connected to self, others, and the power of creative expression. For more info on Rene, check out www.weavery.com.au


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