Noisily Festival

Noisily Festival offers an alternative to mainstream festival culture, an inclusive haven where underground music thrives and self expression flourishes. Whilst rooted in the electronic music scenes, Noisily is a holistic environment which feeds the mind, body and soul, offering spiritualism and opportunity for reflection in equal measure; a place where hedonism and self awareness go hand in hand.

Set deep in a woodland haven amidst the rolling hills of Leicestershire, Noisily’s beating heart lies in the ancient trees, under whose protective canopy the yearly flood of participants dance and play. The Noisily tribe tend to the ground year round, building new structures out of local materials, continually adding to and improving their unique and beautiful site.

The musical program spans the breadth and width of electronic dance music across its three main stages, with Techno, Psytrance, Drum & Bass, Glitch Hop and House providing the soundtrack in the woods.
2017 sees the carefully managed growth of the tribe, with an additional 700 spots open for like minded souls to join the party. Whilst outside the woods in it’s own slice of sunshine, the Mind, Body, Soul area returns with an expanded program of workshops, yoga and lectures – feeding the mind when the body is too tired to dance.

Noisily take pride in curating a complete festival experience, and to offer this all elements on site must be balanced in equal measure. The equilibrium between music, art, performance, holistic, healing, knowledge, self awareness, sustainability, relaxation, love, laughter, and a really, really great party, is struck as a result of the relationships in the Noisily Family.


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