Meditation & Mantra

Alexis Hannagan is a Yoga/Meditation Teacher, Professional Kinesiology & NLP Practitioner + Mind Detox Therapist, Writer, Mentor and Owner of Yoga Meditation Sound. Currently based in Ubud, Bali, she teaches Kundalini Yoga daily at Ubud Yoga Centre.
Alexis is the creator of Yoga Meditation Sound – A support network and empowering tribe for people at various stages of their spiritual journey providing online access of Yoga, Meditation & Sound Therapy and opened the studios physical premise in Coogee, Sydney in 2015.  Full of compassion and dedicated to healing, she draws on the ancient teachings of yoga – dynamically challenging students on all levels. She is known for her ability of blending her background in Kundalini + Hatha Yoga and various therapies, working this wisdom into practical, real-life, simple + powerful tools.
While completing a Bachelors in Commerce from Wollongong University, Alexis’ natural calling for deep inquiry, health, sport and spirituality soon became the focal point of her life. She is passionate about leading events around the world and using the power of technology to reach millions so people can open into a life of being Radiant, Fit & Free.
Alexis consults women of all ages and her dedication lies in enabling women to understand, embrace and live out their hearts calling through dissolving the blocks (self-limiting beliefs) and emotional baggage. Alexis’ down to earth nature combined with heart felt love and grace, together with her no nonsense take on life enables her to compassionately yet steadily uplift women to embrace their natural worth, walk towards their highest ability and create a passionate existence where they naturally glow from within.


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