ancient futures

Contemporary Western culture is a pastiche…a blend of worlds both old and new. Our age is the age of terminal velocity……where we are invited to absolve the past and at the same ‘time’ invoke an abundant and prosperous future in the Now.

Many gatherings and festivals focus on the ancient ways – learning from elders, wisdom keepers and craftsmen about traditions, ritual and ceremony in order to honor and explore the seen and the unseen. The extremes of urban living have stimulated a strong desire to go back to the land, to nature’s codes, and become more fully immersed in the elements. A daily overload of electronics and EMR also inspires many to switch off with an electronic detox and return to ways of interacting without dependence on phones or computers. Many are facing crisis in their spiritual and temporal identity….thus romantic notions of the past become a natural place to seek answers.

For others a more comfortable place to search and create is the future – a realm of infinite possibility facilitated by unprecedented advances in technology and communication. The Internet now enables us to weave culturally and socially diverse foci into patterns which serve our highest expression and our creative expansion. In this quanta we come together to futurize new economic, social, political and lawful systems. Innovations which optimize our bodies and our orientation are increasingly becoming the focus of many gatherings.

This juxtaposition is a powerful one when fused in an intentional space……and this is our desire with the NewEarth festival. Ancient Futures is our navigating structure when co-adventuring through Terra Incognita. Ancient Futures is both about remembering and honoring who we are, in connection with the land, the firmament and each other, and about utilizing all the information, materials and technology we can access in order to shift paradigms and evolve collective consciousness to the next stage.


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