Meditation – Analee

Analee Scott’s purpose lies in bringing all that is blissful and true into the reality of humanity’s co-created consciousness, enhancing the mind-body-Gaia connection, bridging our evolution to be harmonious with that of the Earth’s well-being, and discovering that of profound truth which involves blending science and art into one, transcending duality, and relentlessly expanding wisdom, insight, and knowledge to incorporate all perspectives.

Analee cultivates her teachings from a diversity of professional trainings and practices, which include yoga, medical qigong, meditation, somatic sciences, psychotherapy and clinical counselling, consciousness studies, energy healing, dream work, and more. She has recently spent the last several years an intensive, clinical therapy setting in the wilderness, serving to deliver mind-body-spirit healing to clients; whilst also helping them to disconnect from the pathological illusions of society in order to connect back to the raw source of mindfulness, self, and essence. She also spent time as a radio co-host on a talk show that focused on ‘raising the vibration of consciousness’, and was an author for a holistic health magazine with her own column, ‘Meditations from the Wilderness’. Beginning this February, Analee will be teaching yoga, meditation, and qigong in Ubud, Bali.

People working with Analee find more awareness into their psycho-somatic makeup, the true nature of their stress, dis-ease, weakness, trauma, as well as their strengths, dreams, bliss, and healing. They also gain greater illumination to their (sub)consciousness, emotions, energies, and learn to harness their unconditional power towards the reality of their self-actualization.

Analee will be guiding us through:

Dreaming Consciousness, Yang – In this class you will learn tools on how to practice tending to your own dreams, waking and sleeping, approached through the lens of the dreaming mind’s yang manifestations.  You will gain more frequent lucidity in your dreams, understand more about your unconscious, mind, body, and emotions, as well as learn the true nature of dreaming consciousness.  Illuminating the content your dreams has to offer you can lead you to new peaks in your process of self-actualization.

Dreaming Consciousness, Yin -This class is an opportunity to look deeper into your yin and shadow aspects, taking you to the true meaning of your nightmares and what they have to say about your psyche, emotions, fears, and reality.  You will be guided through understanding the approach and philosophy needed to confront your nightmares, practices on how to interpret their literal meaning, and guidelines for self-care to make this a safe practice.  Discovering the secrets to the mystery and releasing yourself from the oppression of your nightmares is a way to be free from all that does not serve you on your path to your highest potential and healing.

Sunrise/Morning Meditation – Experience a sunrise/morning meditation that will guide you to the core essence of your energy and spirit, generating your relentless reserves of prana/chi for the day.


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