Ali Luminescent

Indulging in hoops, fire, stilts, aerial-and at times all of them at once, Ali Luminescent weaves an intricate dance of joy and delight.  She found the hoop in 2006 and has been growing her movement repertoire exponentially since. Exploring tribal fusion belly dance, Balinese dance, and classical Indian Odissi dance, as well as utilizing a great range of fire and LED tools, all allow Ali Luminescent diverse opportunities to share her whimsy and magic. In addition to movement and flow arts, Ali is also available as a motivational speaker, empowerment coach, and mentor.

As a teacher, and drawing from her work as a speech-language pathologist, Ali Luminescent has an intuitive way of breaking moves down into manageable steps- catering to her students and the different ways in which each one learns. Teaching and performing worldwide Ali Luminescent spreads the message that, “Through the power of practice we can achieve anything!”


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