UCC Intensive Course with Bibi Baccus: How to Own Your Strawman

Note: For an in-depth immersion on the subject, this workshops will be offered after the festival

4-Day Intensive UCC Course, June 26 – 30, 2019
$499.00 USD*
What you will learn in this 4-day UCC Course:
  • step-by-step protocol fundamentals of owning your strawman
  • how to reclaim your fiction – UCC1 financing statement (you will file that)
  • non-corporate status
  • learn how to properly fill out forms to help you accomplish this process
  • protocol for filing allodial title
  • name copyrighting & invoice; how to sign; how to rescind signatures Nunc pro tunc / truth affidavit
  • driver’s license; motor vehicle and your rights
  • valuable tips from Bibi’s extensive experience

Each class is designed to be 3 hrs + 30 minutes for Q & A, covering in-detail two parts of the overall Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

According to your instructor, UCC law is international; and you will learn to navigate through the system no matter what part of the world you live in.  The 4-day UCC Course will be helpful for you to see reality more clearly.

As Bibi Bacchus states: “This UCC Course is not a ‘one-time event’ for students, it is groundwork for them to learn, study and grow… Students in this Course will have to study the information presented and understand it, which I explain – in detail – during the four days.”

You will receive important forms and learn how to fill them out and file them.

*(Not included in festival ticket prices. NO partial payment plans  available.)

Tickets (IDR)

Following Discounted Tickets Available from April 1st – May 31st.
The Price Will Increase on June 1st!
Evening Pass Last Chance Discount (valid for one night only) – Rp423,000
Day Pass Last Chance Discount (06/23/19) – Rp1,622,000
Day Pass Last Chance Discount (06/24/19) – Rp1,622,000
3 Day World Health Sovereignty Summit – Rp6,488,000
7 Day Pass – Rp9,026,000

Tickets (AUD)

Following Discounted Tickets Available from April 1st – May 31st.
The Price Will Increase on June 1st!
Evening Pass Last Chance Discount (valid for one night only) – $ 42 AUD
Day Pass Last Chance Discount (06/23/19) – $ 161 AUD
Day Pass Last Chance Discount (06/24/19) – $ 161 AUD
3 Day World Health Sovereignty Summit – $ 644 AUD
7 Day Pass – $ 896 AUD


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  8. We do not tolerate any abusive or violent behavior towards our staff members or any festival attendees. Please cooperate with our staff; they are there for your safety.
  9. As a condition of entry, the festival attendee consents to being photographed, filmed or sound recorded for TV, Video, DVD, Webcast or other marketing or public broadcast as part of the audience.
  10. Neither the organizer nor the Premises License Holder will be responsible for any loss, theft or damage of participant’s belongings during the festival in any festival venue or shuttle buses or for personal injury.
  11. Being nude in any public area, river, or any sacred space at the festival venue is prohibited – please respect local culture!
  12. Please throw rubbish in the appropriate bins provided, try to minimize plastic usage by using reusable containers.
  13. The line up and schedule are always subject to change.

Expulsion from the Festival Grounds:
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The NewEarth Festival is not responsible or liable for any participant who leaves the Festival grounds prior to its conclusion or for any activity undertaken by any participant outside of the Festival grounds.


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