UNICATION is a new word and means “Communication that creates UNITY in yourself, others and DIVINE SPIRIT NATURE.

A consideration, movement, awareness, method, attitude, perspective, conspiracy in manifesting Being and supporting BODY-MIND-SPIRIT INTEGRATION this process embodies ONE FAMILY PER PLANET. It’s time is always Now.

“True communication is only possible amongst equals.” Anton Wilson

Real knowing is being, feeling, creating and expressing. It’s not about taking away it’s about contributing to and what we have to share. It’s exclusively inclusive and inclusively exclusive.

This process has evolved from 30+ years of studying, learning, practicing, teaching Healing Arts in the front lines to integrate physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual issues and traumas.

Ego and fear, our biggest challenges, diminish when we are turned back on and show up for ourselves.
When we want to help others, putting our oxygen mask on first in not selfish, it’s necessary and intelligent. We can give what we have allowed ourselves to receive. We reap what we sow. Be attracted to what supports and what is alive in you.

“If we are not for ourselves, who can be for us?
If we are only for ourselves, what are we?
And if not now, when ? ” Hillel



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