The Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability group which encourages a holistic approach towards the world’s problems in order to create a healthy, abundant future for everyone. The philosophy is underpinned by the understanding that unnecessary immense suffering in the world in the form of war, poverty, pollution, homelessness, starvation and environmental degradation are not only the results of political policies, greed, or a fight for resources, but are in fact born of an outdated social structure. The money/market system runs through the veins of this structure, incentivising corruption, psychopathic behaviour and selfishness at all levels. Systemic problems require systemic solutions.

Our partners at The Zeitgeist Movement share a common goal of unity, proposing a new way forward, where we challenge our commonly held values, beliefs and assumptions, based on our ever growing understanding of the natural world.  Our process is based on a healthy balance of open mindedness and vigorous skepticism. We acknowledge that human theories about the world have the capacity to be flawed and need constant revision.
Coordinators of the Zeitgeist Movement from around Australia invite you to join us at the Ancient Futures:New Earth  festival to participate in a series of workshops to discuss what’s important, what’s to come, what we can do and how to create a global shift, towards the Movement’s ultimate vision, a Natural-Law Resource-Based Economy.

Learn more by watching Peter Joseph’s freely available films – Zeitgeist: Addendum and Zeitgeist: Moving Forward. We look forward to hearing your perspective and sharing insights at this special event.


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