Stacy Patrice

Stacy Patrice is a native Southside Chicagoan, lifelong artist, practicing yogini and intuitive healer, creating and curating salubrious elixirs for soul consciousness and commUNITY-based healing. Her fire as a HEARTist, energizes worlds in resonant visual, spiritual and textual detail, offering her life experiences and connected reflections as process art. Stacy calls this science, The Elevated Art of Soul Healing and delivers what she considers is her highest artistic practice, through sharing original programming to bring new identification, ritual and fulfillment to everyday living.

Using art as a means for liberation, Stacy has referenced her roots in the creative arts to establish herself as both leader and innovator in crafting unique experiences that nourish and restore wholeness to audiences touched by her alchemy. In turn, she has become a trusted consultant, divine deliverer and tastemaker for site-specific healing art engagements, drawing curious audiences, hungry to change their outcomes. With an affinity for yoking shadow and light, Stacy operates in her primary gift of empathy, facilitating in fairness, insight, truth and transparency to multigenerational and multi-ethnic audiences of all ages, orientations and paths. Her soulwork addresses the complexities of contemporary culture with what could be deemed as modern medicine to help people heal trauma, hurt, misidentification and repressed expression, so that the world ahead looks more like what she envisions as the collective creative rendering of the human potential we share.

Whether traveling to host new experiences internationally or creating socially significant programming as Artist-In-Residence with Rebuild Foundation, Stacy Patrice is always dedicated to enhancing our culture with community-based extended journeys in living from the soul. Stacy currently leads private retreats, national conferences, festivals and live performances, while enthusiastically offering her site-specific signature programs and celestial celebrations to inspire, uplift, heal and reveal. Her hope is that we may all begin gathering together to fill our fragments with gold at once adorning our previously suppressed sagas with supernatural beauty.  #healyoursoul


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