Breathing Tree

Author, qualified breath coach and workshop leader, Rebecca Dennis is the founder of Breathing Tree and her practice is in London. She studied Transformational Breath with founder Judith Kravitz in Mexico and Miami and has worked with other influential trainers in Italy and the UK. Featured in BBC Radio, Tatler, The Telegraph, Grazia and Psychologies.

Rebecca specialises in treating issues such as stress, anxiety, addiction, depression, trauma, sleeping and focus issues, lack of energy and physical problems.

She continues to study with inspirational teachers from all over the world and fervently believes that conscious breathwork is the ultimate key to our well-being, health and inner peace.

“We teach our young to walk, communicate, bathe, eat and socialise, yet educating them about the healing power of their breath is not a priority. I would like to see this change and want to encourage people to be aware of their breath and share the multitude of wonderful benefits that emerge from breathing consciously. How we breathe is indicative of how we can feel more connected and feel about life. Breath is our medicine, it’s our anchor. Our breath correlates with every emotion, experience and thought. We all have a story and our breath pattern shows that. Often we are holding onto unhealthy breathing patterns and by connecting to our breath we can let them go, clear restrictions, feel more empowered and find emotional freedom.”



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